WhatsApp Plus APK

If you started hating WhatsApp’s user interface and the old basic features, you need to get redesigned with futuristic WhatsApp Plus right now! 100% Safe & Secure (Anti-Ban)

Current Versions: v17.85 (AlexMods) v10.6 (FouadMods)


Typing Status


 Support Data Backup

Hide Online Status

Scheduling Messages


Theme Store

Stickers & Emoji

Fingerprint Lock


Material Design UI

When people were busy in World War 2, who supposed that 70 years ahead, their descenders would relish a technique of sending messages promptly from one lateral of this globe to an adjacent one? Nevertheless, the Future will remain vague every time!

Assume that you didn’t even think you’d get fabulous themes and resisted features in the instant messaging app WhatsApp that you’re about to enjoy with WhatsApp Plus.

Everything is possible with technology, and the WhatsApp Plus is a ground-breaking revolution about to get started by this website. Here, we’re offering you a revised version of WhatsApp developed to support you to employ all the features restricted on official WhatsApp.

It’s a simply customizable version, where you can personalize every tile, banner, message tray, or even the app’s icons like a professional designing the interface. You don’t need to code, pay, or think like a rocket scientist and conveniently choose to enjoy any noteworthy feature presented within the below features section.

Are you ready to be a part of this uprising about to be delivered by WhatsApp Plus? If your answer is YES—which would be the most probable one—you can get to the download link below and grab this Plus version of WhatsApp!

What is WhatsApp Plus?

As with all networked applications, Instant messaging includes a significant potential in the design space. It’s a platform for all kinds of public, whether it’s an online business, a simple family chat, friends, chat, or entrepreneurial messaging; you can use instant messaging everywhere.

When we keep some light on instant messaging, the first app always gets downloaded on Smartphones when they’re newly bought is always WhatsApp.

We secure our WhatsApp more than anything stored on our smartphones because it’s the absolute privacy required entity. But sadly, WhatsApp doesn’t offer a good amount of privacy and personalization features.

What if we change and revolutionize WhatsApp? That’s true, and we already did that with a new alteration named WhatsApp Plus. It’s the free MOD or revised version of WhatsApp designed for passionate messenger guys who finally got bored with official WhatsApp and found some unusual features on the instant messaging-sided internet.

WhatsApp Plus APK

With WhatsApp Plus, you can enjoy all the features and functionalities of your favorite messaging app without any compromise on security. You will find that it has an end-to-end encrypted chat system that ensures nobody but those in contact with each other have access to their messages; even when they’re not logged into their account!

The new UI looks stunningly beautiful thanks to it being designed from scratch by focusing heavily on simplicity. So there are fewer distractions while using this tool for communicating purposes among friends or family members alike who may be apart across borders. You can also try Blue WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Plus Reborn.

WhatsApp Plus vs WhatsApp

FeatureWhatsApp PlusWhatsApp
Direct Message
File Sending Limit999 MB100 MB
Themes Store
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Security Lock
Download Status
Status Length255139
Bulk Message
Icon Change
Custom Font
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Blue Ticks
Second Tick
Typing Status
DND Mode
Emoji Variants
Always Online
Hide Media From Gallery
Send Web Images Directly
Multi App Language Support
Send Images in Full Resolution

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No one can rename an app Plus APK without plus(ing) or adding additional features to make that app sound, or otherwise, that person is scamming you. At this point, we’re offering you a tremendous number of elements as listed below, available on WhatsApp Plus for eternally free.

Hiding Options

Hiding Options

Privacy would always be a plus point inside WA Plus. It contains so many hiding options unavailable on the official app, such as hiding blue tick, last seen, status seen, and Online status.

Themes Support

Themes Support

While lining up the above sections, we once told you about the personalization features of WhatsApp+. Except for the complicated moves, it also includes enormous pre-designed themes. Just install and use them!

Font Styles

Font Styles

Arial is the most hated font on the internet, as people are getting bored with it! You could try Plus WhatsApp with 20+ font styles on its interface if you get bored. Try being funky!

Anti Delete Message

Anti Delete Message

Yesterday my friend sent me one of his funny images and deleted it instantly before looking at it. If such a thing frequently happens to you, download WhatsApp Plus and enable the Anti-Delete feature to stop them from deleting messages for you.

Emoji Variant

Emoji Variant

Before getting ahead about Emojis, let me be clear that Emoji Variant doesn’t point to the emojis available on the bar. It’s the same emojis with different designs. You’re getting 6+ unique styles freely with this MOD. Do you want to try it now?



These days, people outsource most daily tasks to AI and enjoy their lives amazingly. You can also try it with your message using WhatsApp+. This app includes an Autoresponder, where you need to make custom settings once, and everything would get automated!

Download Status

Download Status

After everything, one more thing has got its stand, WhatsApp status. We got panicked with asking for friends’ and relatives’ status, but no more struggle as WA Plus includes a free Download Status add-on here.

Unleash Limit

Unleash Limit

The limit is for a regular and limited guy, but we are techies! We hate limits. Keeping that in mind, WhatsApp+ delivers you higher, merely no limits on image sharing limit, forwarding messages, image quality, quantity, and video size. Share with an open heart!

Advanced Cleaner

Advanced Cleaner

AI is fun and does our chores as easy as a piece of cake. Now, you can enjoy advanced cleaner within the Plus WhatsApp interface. You need to mark the file formats you want to clear, like old messages, images, or giant-sized videos. The latter would be Plus’s task!

More Features

If we told you efficiently about more than ten ultimate features of WhatsApp Plus, it doesn’t mean we ended. There is simply no termination while discussing the features of this free Plus version of WhatsApp. Let’s go through some more unique features delivered adorably by PLUS.

Hide Media from Gallery

When talking about IMs or Instant Messaging protocols, media stuff is the most private. We can’t bear losing them or letting them be handed to the wrong hands. But official WhatsApp shows everything received and sent on WhatsApp in the Gallery app. Please stop doing that and download WhatsApp+, as it includes an option to hide media from the gallery.

DND Mode

Someone might find it difficult to believe, but we undoubtedly require a Flight Mode for the WhatsApp APK as the priority. If we’re busy with some work and enabling the internet, WhatsApp distracts us every single time. WA Plus provides a free DND, which disables the internet specifically for itself after allowing it.

WhatsApp Lock

While trying to keep security at the above-most level, developers have added a WhatsApp lock within the app interface. Those who didn’t acquire a smartphone containing App Lock won’t be required to download a third-party app anymore, as WA Plus provides PIN, Pattern, and Fingerprint accessibility. You can also Lock Specific Conversation with this mod.

Message Scheduling

Regardless of where we’re living, every tradition contains a hazardous number of events, festivals, and known days. Again, we’re supposed to send messages in bulk at the exact interval of that particular day. Thanks to WA Plus for offering a free Message Scheduling add-on, where you can schedule event messages anytime.

Hide Online

We all got loyalty inside our DNA, but every so often it’s challenging to show someone that we’re online, especially if we didn’t get what he sought from us. Don’t worry anymore! WhatsApp+ will shield you with the Hide Online MOD to hide your online status for them, even if you’re chatting with someone.

Professional Customization

One of the most important reasons people love rooting their Android phone is its highly customizable user interface. We won’t need to make you root your phone and provide you with professional customization features, even if you’ve rooted your phone or not. You can customize from headers to footers, everything!

WhatsApp Icons

No one ever thought if they would get free WhatsApp icons too within the MOD version of WhatsApp. But we’re making this real with WA Plus. It includes 10+ amusing WhatsApp icons you can use to trick and astonish all your friends and family members while getting WhatsApp notifications.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

App NameWhatsApp Plus
Size72 MB
Based On2.24.2.74
Total Downloads10,00,000+
Requires Android4.3 and up
Last Updated1 day ago

The APK you are downloading is 100% Safe and Tested. Here is the VirusTotal.com report. After downloading the mod, you can also check out our helpful guides.

Changelog v17.85

WhatsApp Plus APK v17.60 Changelog

If you want to effectively use WhatsApp Plus, then do watch the below video tutorial.


How to Install WhatsApp Plus APK on Android?

Instant Messaging is the first and last reason you’ll install WhatsApp+ on your smartphone. So why would we make things complex if you’re going for such a convenient task, eh? Consequently, you can install this WhatsApp Mod merely to your smartphone with the default installation procedure, as the steps listed below.

  1. First, download the APK file from the above download link to your Smartphone in a specific known folder.
  2. Now, open the Settings app on your device. You can either do it from the Notification panel or find it on the App menu.
  3. Open the Security tab in the Settings app, and soon you’ll glimpse a massive list of options.
  4. Scroll down and search Unknown Sources or Third-Party Installation and click that toggle.
    unknown sources
  5. At the following prompt notification, click the Enable button to enable third-party installation.
  6. Now, you’re all excellent to install Plus. Open that folder containing the APK file.
  7. Click the APK file, and press the Install tab on the next prompt.
  8. Wait for a few minutes until the completion of the installation procedure.
Blue WhatsApp Plus Interface 2

That was smooth! We finally installed WhatsApp Plus to our Android phone without worsening for more than 5 minutes today. The same slight struggle you need to make for downloading WhatsApp+ and installing it on your PC is listed in the below section.

Older Versions

Steps to Switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus

We know how complicated it is to resist WhatsApp Plus for a single second after knowing it efficiently. But it’d be best if you’ll first acknowledge the method to switch from the official WhatsApp app to WhatsApp Plus. It’s imperative to learn the procedure properly for evading WhatsApp data loss. Let’s not waste more time and get started now:

Step 1: Create a Perfect Backup of all your WhatsApp Data

You have two different methods to create a backup of your WhatsApp data, where one would be Google Drive. You need to click the WhatsApp interface’s top-right corner three-dot button, and then open Settings from there. Later, inside the Chats section, Hit the Chat Backup tab and create an online backup at the earliest.

The next and most responsive way to create a WhatsApp backup for WhatsApp+ is by using a PC app called Dr. Fone. It’s a handy app that you need to install on your PC.

Step 2: Create WhatsApp Data Backup on your PC

After installing Dr. Fone on the PC, you need to connect your smartphone to your PC using a compatible USB data cable. After connecting your phone, run the Dr. Fone app as an administrator and left-click the WhatsApp Transfer tab to open that window. Later, do the steps as shown on your computer screen to initialize the data backup process.

Step 3: Download and Install WhatsApp Plus on your Phone

If you’ve successfully backed up all the WhatsApp messages, database, and media files to the computer, recheck it once, and lastly click the above download button to download the APK. The download process won’t take so long, and so forth, install it to your phone employing the default installation procedure.

Step 4: Restore the last WhatsApp Data to WhatsApp Plus

That’s the last step to get switched from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus App. All you need now is to again connect your phone to your PC, and open the Dr. Fone app. But this time, you’ve to click Restore WhatsApp in place of creating a backup to paste all the data as it is on this Plus version.

Welcome to WA Plus App with entire crucial messages and media files!

Steps to Switch from WhatsApp Plus to Official WhatsApp

You can check out the below video tutorial. If you want to read an article on this topic, you can check out this guide.

Download WhatsApp Plus For PC

Keeping the Android WhatsApp Plus contentment sideways, you can download and install it on your Windows-based PC. It’d also be a smooth procedure as the Android installation but would require you first to install an Android emulator, as WhatsApp+ is an Android app that works only on Android OS.

Firstly, you would have to download WhatsApp Plus for your PC. Afterward, you need to follow a simple procedure for installing it on your PC without a single interruption or annoyance. If you’re ready for it, download it at the earliest from the link below.

About WhatsApp Plus Developers

WhatsApp Plus is a new and improved messaging app that was first developed by Rafalete, one of the most senior members of XDA. WA Plus isn’t a single Android app, but it contains thrice fun with three amazing Mods developed by three different developer communities, Alex Mods & Fouad Mods.

Below we’ve listed all three Mods with their most known privileges and some irksome limitations. Choose your next instant messaging platform now from the below competitors.


AlexMods is the most impressive WhatsApp Mod developer firm, known at its best for designing all kinds of WhatsApp scripts. They designed their own GB WhatsApp Pro, OG WhatsApp Pro, and most recently they created the latest WhatsApp Plus too. If you’ll get attracted to the below-listed features by AlexMods, must download it at first sight.

AlexMods Version 17.85 (Updated) – Features

  • Proficient customization with infrequent colors
  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Hide Always Online
  • Hide Typing…
  • New astonishing themes
  • 30+ Privacy features
  • Conversation Locker
  • App Lock

Fouad Mods: Blue WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus by AlexMods is the most convenient MOD of WhatsApp Plus. Still, we got some enthusiasts who can stake a little convenience for some more aggressive features and a new look. Those techies can go on with the Blue WhatsApp Plus by Fouad Mods. Fouad Mods also created some embarking gems that won’t ever get omitted.

FouadMods Version 10.6 (Updated) – Features

  • Gratifying app user interface
  • Theme designer add-on to save and import themes
  • Advanced privacy with 20+ hiding features
  • Increase forward limit
  • Increase picture-sending limit
  • Anti Ban
  • Unique Themes, App Icons, and Emoticons

Note: Going onward for a better WhatsApp Plus version would always be a conflict as all its three designs contain epic and generous features best-in-class. But to help you choose the best one, we’d recommend AlexMods & Fouad Mods.

Disadvantages of using WhatsApp Plus

Flipping a coin offers you a similar probability of two different sides. Likewise, there are both features and a few disadvantages to using WA Plus. Most hide these things to make you download WhatsApp+ and earn money, but we’ll front you with everything because it’s not our chance to play with your trust.

Enjoyment doesn’t come without a price, and price arrangement would affect you like the below demerits of WhatsApp Plus MOD version –

1. While using a modified WhatsApp, like WA Plus, your account can least probably get banned by WhatsApp servers. It’d be a temporary ban, but we’d recommend you try a different number for this WhatsApp than your official account.

2. Employing some highly restricted features usually can make your account get near to destruction slowly.

That’s it! They’re just two, and later, depending on you if you can bear these things, you’re good to go with WA Plus APK. Conversely, you can stay bored and blessed with the official WhatsApp application if you disagree with these disadvantages.

Is WhatsApp Plus Safe to Use on Android?

Yeah, WhatsApp Plus is a 100% safe app to use on any Android Smartphone. It includes no bloatware and bugs to exploit any space of your smartphone, neither physical nor technical. Stop getting worried about things that don’t embrace genuineness, and get the app at your next eye blink!

Is WhatsApp Plus Available for iOS (iPhone and iPad)?

Apple developers have created iOS with many security barriers that won’t allow you to use an app like WhatsApp Plus or simply modify it without jail breaking it. We wouldn’t recommend you do that, as none of the WhatsApp+ developers still developed an IPA file to get installed on iOS smartphones.

You can wait for a while, and whenever we’d get a notification related to the WA Plus version for iPhone and iPad, it’d soon get published on the exact website. Be in touch, and be notified!


WhatsApp Plus Infographics

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Wrapping Up

Putting it all together and talking about the end, WhatsApp Plus APK, known as the best MOD ever developed for WhatsApp, legally includes all the above features. After owning this app, you’d get the actual WhatsApp servers with enormous additional privileges like some privacy add-on options, personalization options, preset themes, and big elegant stuff available on its interface.

Still, it also contains two drawbacks that we listed above in the particular Disadvantages section. If you find this app overall good to make your WhatsApp and instant messaging service get turned into instant gratification or the best satisfaction, hit the above download button as soon as you get the chance and initialize dealing with WA Plus from today.

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