How to Increase Image Sharing Limit on WhatsApp Plus?

Do you know that there are more than 100 centralized instant messaging protocols developed for Android users, where WhatsApp is just one of the renowned names? Moreover, these days, our mind are getting diverted toward the other options, mostly Telegram, as its capabilities are most amusing. The major reason behind that is the image sharing limit of WhatsApp, which is deadly set to up to 50 messages at a time.

Suppose you’ve arrived from an amusing trip to the hill point, and now all your friends are asking for photos captured on your device. In that case, you need to mark 50 images every time and share them drastically.

More than 90% of the shifted public have shown it as a reason to stop using WhatsApp, and if you’re also thinking of getting switched, stop for a while and check this amazing modification named WhatsApp Plus.

The WhatsApp Plus version includes some exceptional privileges that change the limitations to features. It first astonished you with an enhanced forwarding limit, then media sharing size enhancements, and currently will astound your spirit with the highest image sharing ability.

Yeah, you heard that correctly! This astonishing modification allows you to send more than 2500 images at a time to any of your WhatsApp contacts.

Get ready to uplift all your limitations and employ technology to make tasks more instantaneous than ever. Get the APK and follow the procedure as shown within the below video to enable the image sharing capability enhancement.

Afterward, you’d get shocked with seeing such a beast capable of sending up to 2500 images simultaneously.

We also have edited the complete video procedure into text format in terms of the steps. After seeing the video, if you’re feeling doubt at any moment, you can employ the below text step-by-step procedure and enable this tricky privilege of WhatsApp without employing a single dollar from your pocket.

  1. Download and install WhatsApp Plus APK on your Android phone.
  2. As of now, you’ve got the app, so verify your WhatsApp number with an OTP on there.
  3. Open the WhatsApp Plus app homepage and click the three-dot settings icon listed at the topmost bar.
  4. Wander the list of three-dot menus and open Plus Settings from that page.
  5. From the exact Plus Settings, hit and open the Universal section.
  6. Click Settings, and search for the Disable Image Share limit tab from the complete list.
  7. Finally, hit the toggle after that and enable the prompt.

After enabling this toggle, restart the WhatsApp Plus APK, and soon you’d see the enhanced capability to share more than 10 images at a time. Currently, you can share up to 2500 images at a time.

Moreover, there are some more exceptional image-sharing privileges packed within WhatsApp Plus, such as sending high resolution up to 4 MB images at a time, and many more which you can enjoy with a simplistic procedure. Go for it!

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