How to Hide Media from Gallery on WhatsApp Plus (Guide)

According to our most important outcome from WhatsApp Plus APK, Security, and Privacy are indispensable to who we are as human beings. Even if you aren’t getting fed well, privacy can become a powerful weapon against you anytime to crush you broken. That’s why we always support Android applications, enhancing our daily security and confidentiality. We’ve got here WhatsApp Plus APK with a fantastic privacy feature.

You’d start feeling astonishing after catching that this exclusively developed WhatsApp MOD version includes an in-built feature to hide all the media files shared within chats from the gallery. We all get hundreds of images every day from our friends and relation partner, and it’s our biggest fear to leak some confidential images saved within an easily accessible smartphone Gallery.

Whenever our friends and cousins get hands-on with our phones, the first thing they open is Gallery, and that Google Photos app to ruin our virtual life forever. If you’re using the official WhatsApp, you should download an external third-party application to hide WhatsApp media files from the gallery. Still, WhatsApp Plus makes it way more straightforward. This app includes an add-on feature for rescuing that only trouble.

With this exceptional MOD, you’re getting a free option called Hide Media from Gallery. After enabling it, you’d become 100% capable of whacking all those images, videos, and documents you got from WhatsApp contacts from the official Gallery and Google Photos. You can enable this feature merely by using the procedure shown through below video:

Making things more confidential is most crucial these days, as the best life is ever lived by anonymous guys. Those who have their entire lifestyle hidden behind the curtains of their mindset, professionalism, and simple nature.

After getting the procedure shown in the above video, you’d become capable of hiding all your important media files, and still, if you get it complex, you can go through the below-listed text steps:

  1. First, you need the protocol, so download WhatsApp+ APK officially.
  2. Now, install that APK file to your phone and verify your WhatsApp account.
  3. After successful verification, click the top-right cornered three-dot settings icon.
  4. From the next list, click and open the Plus Settings tab.
  5. Now, scroll down and search for the Universal tab. Click it!
  6. Inside Universal settings, hit the Hide Media from Gallery tab.
  7. Now, enable the quick toggles for all types of media you want to hide, like Images, Videos, and GIFs.

That’s it! Restart the WhatsApp Plus APK again, and whenever you’d get a media file related to your hidden choices, it’d get automatically hidden from your phone’s Gallery.

You won’t need to feel worried anymore about the forgotten privacy by WhatsApp’s servers, as currently, your WhatsApp media files are as secure as Trump’s Z-type security.

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