How to Schedule Messages on WhatsApp Plus (Guide)

Very Important person (VIP) doesn’t have enough time, and even they can’t make three tasks at a time as the law of nature would surpass them that way. But what if I’d tell you that there is a way to beat this law of nature and do three, four, or even five things altogether? It sounds impossible, eh? Technological bots can do these things damn simplistically, and one of them you’re getting freely with WhatsApp Plus APK called Message Scheduler.

The most critical and unorganized task in our online and offline businesses is messaging clients and customers about festive greetings, event prizes, tournaments, business meetups, and crucial dates. Contrastingly, we can schedule messages for them at any time on the same day we plan to deliver them. It’s impossible with the official version of WhatsApp, but the Plus version is bewildering.

This version of WhatsApp includes a free Message Scheduler. It’s a convenient program designed by handy developers, where all you need is to put in a message, time, date, and nothing else. Later, press a button stated as Schedule message, and voila…! You’ve successfully scheduled messages for the contacts you’ve chosen, and they’d get positively delivered at the precise date and timing suited to your chosen ones.

For those, who are currently thinking of scheduling messages as a rocket science thing, let me tell you the simplicity of this procedure using the below video:

Wasn’t that mere, eh? Now, things can be more convenient by choosing text steps if you’re getting it hard to understand them with a video. So, if you’re a learner, reader, and article text lover, you can also go through all the below-listed steps, written down exceptionally as the video, and schedule messages for your contact list like a PRO:

  1. Download and install WhatsApp Plus APK first on your Android device.
  2. Afterward, create your WhatsApp account or choose the old one by verifying your number.
  3. Now, rerun the WhatsApp Plus and click the top-right cornered three-dot icon.
  4. Within that menu, click and open the Message Scheduler tab.
  5. Now, the first tab would be about Contacts. Choose the contact you want to schedule a message for.
  6. Later, fill in the specific date and time when you want to schedule the message.
  7. Ultimately, inscribe the message you’re going to schedule.
  8. Click the Green Right button on the bottom-right corner to confirm message scheduling.

Time to glance at the magic! No matter how many contacts you’ve added to the scheduler list and which time you’ve chosen on the screen, WhatsApp Plus APK will use your internet connection simultaneously and send all your scheduled messages to all the selected contacts at the precise time. You need to do nothing more than what you did in the above steps.

Give time to all your other important tasks, and forget about the critical messaging as you already have scheduled them for the perfect event date and timing. Enjoy WhatsApp Plus APK!

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