How to Download Status on WhatsApp Plus? (Step by Step)

From the late Covid-19 lockdown until today, my friends are sharing the funniest status on their WhatsApp status wall, and I am here searching for a protocol to use WhatsApp and download statuses simultaneously.

We all have gone through this problem and downloaded tremendous third-party apps like Snaptube, and the so-called WhatsApp Status downloader. But why use three different apps for using the same service, when we can just download WhatsApp Plus to our phone.

Yeah, you got that right! WhatsApp+ includes this feature for free, with all other features listed on the homepage of this website.

It’s one of the most loved MOD versions of WhatsApp, and the best reason behind that is hundreds of brilliant privileges to show yourself the smartest instant messenger.

Currently, we’re talking about downloading the statuses of your contact list. We all sometimes feel annoyed asking everyone to get their video statuses on our phones to repost it.

Yeah, it takes less than 5 minutes, but why be called annoying by asking for status every time when you can just download them without letting anyone know about that.

WhatsApp Plus provides you a mere button on the Status wall, which you just need to click, and the status would get saved on your local storage.

You must be thinking that there are three types of statuses, text, photos, and videos, so how can a single button do everything, right?

Well, WhatsApp Plus includes two buttons, one for downloading images and videos shown by the download icon, and the next copy icon to copy the text status directly to your clipboard.

Later, you can paste that to your status simply by holding the screen for a while. Yeah, it’s that easier and seems more after knowing through the below-shown procedure.

Downloading WhatsApp status would be fun and prompt for you, and it’s one of the sigma features of the WhatsApp Plus app. Currently, right here, you can download the status of anyone listed in your contacts, by following all the below-listed text steps properly.

  1. First, download WhatsApp Plus to your phone and verify your WhatsApp account using an official or temporary number.
  2. Finally, restart the WhatsApp Plus app on your phone.
  3. Now, get towards the Status wall by simply shifting among the above tab, as you did before on official WhatsApp.
  4. Choose and open the WhatsApp Status of anyone you want to download or copy.
  5. Finally, click the Download icon on the screen to save that particular status on your local storage folder.
  6. Now, you can get on the File Manager or Gallery app on your phone to glimpse the exact media you downloaded recently.

In Closing

You must be feeling the coolest one on this planet currently, as you made something possible which was lastly unbearable in your mindset.

Don’t stop now, as there are more than 100 features available on WhatsApp+ to explore, and all include the capability to change complex things into the simplest ones.

Enjoy Plus privileges!

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