How to Install WhatsApp Plus on PC? [Step By Step]

Every piece of software developed for Android devices these days is required for the Microsoft Windows interface too. If you love instant messaging conveniently with a brilliant number of features within the WhatsApp Plus on your Android Smartphone, you would also dream of a Microsoft version. We won’t let you feel disappointed at any moment and that’s where we got here a procedure to install WhatsApp Plus on a PC.

Foremost, WhatsApp Plus APK is only developed for devices running on the Android operating system, and it’d be impossible for you to install the Android OS on your PC. Conversely, you can try installing an Android Emulator to your PC and then trying installing WhatsApp+ APK to that personalized. It’s the smartest and only way to install it on your Microsoft PC.

Before that, let’s acknowledge WA Plus once again, for those who are still wondering why we added Plus to WhatsApp’s name. We didn’t just retitle it, but also created the most aspiring version of WhatsApp embedded with some magical features as mentioned below!

WhatsApp Plus For PC

What is WhatsApp Plus?

Many guys here are still unaware of the most sophisticated version ever developed for using WhatsApp and instant messaging with friends; WhatsApp Plus. Well, it’s not a big deal, as it takes time for technology to whisper through the mouth of the public. But before listening to it from somewhere else, let me acknowledge that WhatsApp+ is a MOD version.

It’s a MOD version of the official WhatsApp, redesigned to get a lot out of this renowned instant messaging protocol. There are so many things restricted here within the official WhatsApp interface that you can enjoy within the MOD version without getting even a little distressed about paying a single extra charge.

The actual deal comes with here to make you damn gratified towards WA Plus. We’ve listed below all the most enthusiasm-rich features available within the sophisticated interface of WhatsApp Plus.


It wouldn’t be honoring WhatsApp Plus by saying it contains enough features, as it realistically includes way more than enough. The number is about to rise towards the sky that even you wouldn’t be able to count the number of features present in WA+. Still, we’re providing some crucial of them through the below list:

  • Auto Reply
  • Multiple Themes
  • Privacy Add-on features
  • WhatsApp Status Download
  • Hide Status Seen
  • Send hundreds of images at the same time.
  • Increase the Forward limit up to 250
  • Send messages without saving the number to the phone book
  • DND Mode for meetings and important events
  • Vigorous updates with amazing new themes on the way
  • New emoji variants and WhatsApp notification icons
  • Color customization accordingly with the app interface
  • Lock-Specific conversation profiles within WhatsApp
  • Built-in App lock for WhatsApp Plus
  • Most convenient Message Scheduling tray

Steps to Install WhatsApp Plus on PC

There is a good thing with convenient modified Android apps, which is the mere installation procedure. Every WhatsApp Mods we publish here all offers a convenient process to install on any Android phone.

Moreover, it’s also a simple procedure to install WhatsApp Plus on Windows-based computers. If you’re looking to enjoy this WhatsApp Mod on your PC, follow the below method:

Step 1: Download LDPlayer Android Emulator

There is a sophisticated way to use Android applications on your PC, and it goes with an Android emulator. But the space where every techie gets stuck in finding the best Android emulator for their PC. Bluestacks lags a little bit, Gameloop is designed mostly for games, but if you want to enjoy the futuristic modified versions like WhatsApp Plus, we’d recommend you to use LD Player.

LD Player is an open-source Android emulator designed for Windows 7/8/8.1/10/10 Pro/11 OS versions, comprising all the casual privileges you require with Android emulators. You can download it free from the below link and install it as described within through below steps:

  1. Download LDPlayer from Google.
  2. Click the yellow-colored Download LDPlayer button on the screen.
  3. After successfully downloading this app, click once on it.
  4. Press Yes to allow you to make changes with this app on your PC.
  5. Finally, click the Install button shown on the LDPlayer installation screen.
  6. It’ll take some carrier charges for the installation of up to 500 megabytes of emulator files.

After some time, you’ll find LDPlayer successfully installed on your Windows PC. Afterward, get sharply toward the next step for installing WhatsApp Plus APK on your PC’s emulator.

Step 2: Download WhatsApp Plus APK file to PC

After downloading and installing LDPlayer to your smartphone, you’re now required to download the WhatsApp Plus package file developed for Android operating systems, WhatsApp Plus.

Don’t get worried, we’re talking about the exact APK file we listed on the front page of this website. Additionally, you can also be mere with this downloading procedure by using the below link to grab WhatsApp Plus APK on a specific folder of your PC. We’d recommend downloading it on the Desktop.

Step 3: Install the APK on PC

Currently, you have got both, protocol and resources. You know what I mean, eh? All you need now is to set both these things and operate them to install WhatsApp Plus APK on your PC.  Now, get started with the below first step and go consequently with complete practice –

  1. Run LDPlayer4.exe on your PC as an administrator.
  2. Now, either click the Ctrl+3 key combination or hit the APK icon tab listed on the right-side menu.
  3. Put in the location where you downloaded the APK. If you’ve downloaded it to Desktop, open the Desktop on location folder and click that app to open.
  4. That’s it, the LDPlayer would now ask consent from you to install. Press the Install button!
  5. Now, wait for the completion of the installation procedure and tada…!

You’ve successfully installed WhatsApp Plus on your PC. Just launch it through the app list of LDPlayer emulators, and initialize employing WhatsApp+ as your default WhatsApp protocol. Send instant messages to all your friends with a new look, add-on privacy features, and the next level of security. Enjoy chatting!

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