Search and Send Web Images Directly from a Chat using WhatsApp Plus

Foremost, I’ve got a simple question for you! Which service do you use to search and download images to share on WhatsApp? Absolutely Google, how dumb am I to ask such a convenient question, eh? But what if I would say that you can search, download, and share images directly from WhatsApp’s search engine to any of your contacts available on lists? I’m not doing any kind of Illuminati, but sarcastically offering you a futuristic app called WhatsApp Plus APK.

If you know well about the modified apps, WhatsApp Plus is the same modified or scripted version of the official WhatsApp developed for the techies who want to get more out of the WhatsApp instant messaging app.

Constantly, it includes some elementary features to make most of your complicated tasks mere as a piece of cake. Presently, let’s just focus on the one feature absolutely justified about WhatsApp’s image search engine.

Basically, WhatsApp had this feature long before officially, but they discontinued it because of the father Google in the same stream. But don’t worry, as we finally have got something capable of providing you the capability to search and send web images directly using WhatsApp Plus.

All you need here is to download this app to your phone, verify your WhatsApp account and start sending text-related images to all your friends and relatives.

It’s a mere procedure that is shown simplistically through the below-listed video. Moreover, if you feel it is challenging to understand it through video, you can also take the help of the text described steps same shown below.

If the above video didn’t make you flawless in searching and sharing images directly from the WhatsApp servers, and you’re still thinking of using Google Images. If that’s the matter, you can make the procedure look simpler using the below-listed text steps:

  1. Download WhatsApp+ on your smartphone. Later install it!
  2. Now, create your new WhatsApp account or verify the older account using that WhatsApp number and One-time passcode.
  3. Finally, get to the WhatsApp Plus homepage and choose the contact to whom you want to send images.
  4. Click the top-right corner three-dot button on the chat box.
  5. Now, you’d glimpse an option stating Search Web on the three-dot option list.
  6. Click that Search Web button, and soon a prompt video will get there on the screen.
  7. Inscribe the text to search images through WhatsApp Web, select the image, and click the Share button.

Final Takeaways

Now, you’d glance at that exact image sharing with your desired contact without any rocket science tasking. Wasn’t that smooth? From now, share images as per the live events, your desired animated characters, or the present events to any of your WhatsApp contacts merely using the simplicity offered within WhatsApp Plus.

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