How to Set Lock on WhatsApp Plus (Pattern, Fingerprint, PIN)

Something is better than nothing, but what if you’d lose your access to everything, remaining nothing? Online apps aren’t secure enough, as anyone in our house can unlock them anytime by knowing the passwords, and patterns, and using our fingertips while we sleep in dreams. Intruders can arrive either in the face of your small brother, wife, or best friend. They know our phone’s patterns more perfectly than we do, right?

The app required to be most secure these days is WhatsApp, and harshly they didn’t offer any security lock feature, where we can add some additional patterns or pins to trick them on the way.

However, when nothing works, we take the help of technology, and thus, we’ll get help today from WhatsApp Plus, the scripted or modified version of the official WhatsApp with plenty of additional features.

You can’t get this modified version listed on the Google Play Store as it violates a few Play Store terms and conditions, because of providing the additional features for free inside the brand Instant Messaging platform WhatsApp.

If you’re finding such an app with tremendous features like security enhancements, privacy advancements, customization privileges, magical things, and the precise WhatsApp interface, the latest update will mark your heights.

Except that, if you have already downloaded the app, but find the procedure to enable security lock on WhatsApp without using third-party Android applications, you need a procedure.

I’m again marking it as a mere procedure to enable the security options and hopefully, WhatsApp Plus includes three different security locks to choose from: Pattern, PIN, or Fingerprint. Select the most convenient one and follow the below process.

Steps to Set Pattern, Fingerprint, PIN Lock on WhatsApp Plus

Someone recently asked here if life becomes simplistic with this exclusive modification of WhatsApp known as WhatsApp Plus, and now I can reply beastly that life becomes securely simple with this version.

It’s not just a WhatsApp, but a big feeling filled with hundreds of features. Now, you can follow the below steps and enable advanced security for messages.

  1. Download, Install and Verify your account on WhatsApp Plus using this link.
  2. Open WhatsApp Plus on your device, and click the top-right three-dot menu.
  3. Now, select the Plus Settings from the list and later open the Privacy and Security settings.
  4. Scroll down and find the Security section listed below the Privacy section.
  5. Now, you’d glimpse the WhatsApp Lock toggle as the first option of Security settings.
  6. Click and enable that toggle, and soon you’d be asked for a security lock interface.
  7. Choose among Pattern, PIN, or Fingerprint and choose your desired password to security lock WhatsApp Plus.
  8. Finally, restart WhatsApp Plus, and presently it’ll ask you for the required password.

To inscribe the password and unlock WhatsApp Plus now to chat with all your friends and enjoy all the sarcastic features offered by the developer team.

You can also choose from immediate to up to a 30-minute automatic lock timer for a Fingerprint scanner to be more secure than Jeff Bezos’s hacked smartphone.

Note: If you want to enable any Lock interface after using the Fingerprint Scanner, you first need to disable the Fingerprint Lock. Only then you’d be able to choose any other locking security. Except for Fingerprint, there is no limitation on any other protocol.

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