How to Enable Always Online Feature on WhatsApp Plus (Guide)

We’ve seen many advancements from our last lives to the current one. Including the radio boxes getting evolved into Online music players, DSLRs and giant camera setups getting evolved into smartphone cameras, and letter carriers getting evolved into technological instant messaging. What’s more to see, eh? Within these advancements, there is still one that you haven’t glimpsed yet, available with WhatsApp Plus APK; Always Online MOD.

WhatsApp+ APK is a well-developed modified version of WhatsApp, including all the generous scripts to make it more sophisticated, secure, and magical simultaneously. For those users, who got suffocated with the old official WhatsApp application and need something unusual, WhatsApp Plus APK is their first need. This modified version includes advanced privileges like what we’re describing here, Always Online.

Always Online is a sigma feature of this app, making you capable of being online every moment according to WhatsApp servers. In simple words, whenever someone would open your profile on their phone, they’d gaze at an Online status shown below your name. It’ll help your business, service, or relation more substantially, as important messages don’t send any caution notes before they arrive, and they come suddenly.

So, stop losing opportunities for not being online on WhatsApp and start being online every moment with this fantastic modification called WhatsApp Plus. Download this app right now and follow the entire procedure as shown within the below video to enable Always Online mode for your profile.

We knew exceptionally that video isn’t the only way to efficiently express the entire procedure of enabling the Always Online option, so we’re here with the next steps. If you’re getting it difficult to learn from the video, you can also go through the below listed mere steps and enable Always Online more handily than before:

  1. Click here, and make WhatsApp Plus all yours. Install the APK version on your phone!
  2. After installation, put in your WhatsApp number and provide an OTP to verify your account.
  3. Finally, run the WhatsApp Plus and click the top-right positioned three-dot icon.
  4. Open Plus Settings from that three-dot menu and click the Universal tab.
  5. After getting inside Universal settings, locate the Settings tab and open it.
  6. Now, scroll down and click the Enable Always Online toggle.

After enabling this toggle, restart WhatsApp Plus APK and ask any of your friends to be on your profile at the term when you aren’t online. You’ll see the magic at the current moment, as your friend would recall you and shout for wasting their time, as you’re already online.

This time, you’d laugh off hard and enjoy the Always Online feature on all your friends, relatives, and business clients merely. It’s just the initial thing, and there are many more features waiting for you, such as Message Scheduling, Media Hiding, and WhatsApp Lock. Get through all of them and enjoy the futuristic tactics developed by WA Plus APK!

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