How to use Anti Delete feature on WhatsApp Plus?

Have you got annoyed with your friend sending you messages every day and deleting them before your glance? In my opinion, that’s the worst feature developed by WhatsApp for naughty friends who enjoy hilariousness every day.

Well, we can’t change that as it’s by the official WhatsApp servers transported to annoy our messaging. However, that’s a fantastic privacy feature, but a curse for those who don’t want anyone to first send and then delete messages for them.

If you’re one of them, you need WhatsApp Plus as your official messaging platform. It’s the official WhatsApp app, including the same servers and exact interface, but additionally, it includes some exceptional scripts.

These scripts make WhatsApp Plus a perfect modification ever developed for WhatsApp. You can download this app to any Android Smartphone and enjoy an incredible privilege called Anti-Delete to stop letting others delete messages for you.

Maybe you got a little enthusiastic after knowing about Anti Delete, right? Well, it’s legit, as Anti Delete is the unique feature ever found in any WhatsApp MOD with an official interface and servers.

The app is built efficiently like the official platform but includes some fabulous stuff we all desired in the past instant messaging era. Download it right now, and enable the Anti Delete feature whenever you’re able using the below procedure.

Anti Delete basically blocks your contact’s deleting capability for you. Whenever they try to delete any message for you, they get a single option to delete messages only for them.

In simple words, you got free successfully from that annoying loop of getting a “Message was deleted” notification every time, and now you can see some secrets everyone hid from you. You’re just below steps far from such freedom.

  1. Firstly, download and install WhatsApp Plus APK to your Android smartphone.
  2. Later, create your WhatsApp account, or verify an older one on its interface.
  3. Now, get back to the pavilion (homepage of WA Plus interface.)
  4. Press the above-right corner positioned three-dot menu icon.
  5. Hit and open the Plus Settings section from that three-dot menu.
  6. Now, open the Privacy and Security section among all listed Plus Settings.
  7. Scroll down and search the Anti Delete option listed in the Chats section.
  8. Finally, click the toggle positioned right after Anti Delete to enable it.
  9. Restart WhatsApp+.

Parting Thoughts

After completely following these small nine steps, you can challenge any of your friends or relatives to send you a message and delete it at the earliest for you to bet any amount, as you’re going to win this game.

From now on, your WhatsApp will become immortal and a sigma hierarchy that can’t get humiliated by any other hierarchy. All you need is to be on WhatsApp Plus to enjoy more exceptional features than the one listed here.

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