Guide to Send Stickers on WhatsApp Plus (Step by Step)

Expressing emotions and the complete story was first done by talk, hand signs, and phone calls, but became leisurely with some technological advancements, and these days we all express these things using emoticons and GIFs.

The world got modified once again, with some new upgrades, and we finally found the mixture of emoticons and GIFs and created the WhatsApp Stickers. Let’s get through this guide and know the process of sending stickers on WhatsApp Plus APK.

The WhatsApp Plus version includes the same stickers, but is more simplified and a more significant number than the WhatsApp official app.

Inside the official app, you just got a few of them, and later, you were required to download and make favorites on the interface.

But we aren’t offering you just instant gratification, we’re delivering long-term enjoyment with WhatsApp Plus stickers.

Additionally, you can also glance at these Plus stickers on your keyboard while using WhatsApp and write the required text like Hi…, Thanks, and Sorry.

The app will automatically recommend you use stickers in place of simple text notes. Writing a last letter before the procedure, you will get over 500 unique stickers on the exact WhatsApp+ interface, which wasn’t possible recently on the official app.

No need for outer downloading, just follow the below procedure to get access to the pro stickers of WhatsApp Plus.

Steps to Send Stickers on WhatsApp Plus

Parsing the entire process within a video wasn’t that hard, and we captured it wholly for techies like you.

But if you’re one of those reader professionals, who doesn’t get a kick without reading and employing the next steps, we also have mentioned the text step version of the above video procedure.

This will help you download the app with the link below, as well as find stickers.

  1. Download the WhatsApp Plus APK package to install on your Android device.
  2. Create a new WhatsApp account or verify the older one on WhatsApp Plus.
  3. Now, open the chat with whom you want to share a sticker.
  4. Click the bottom-right cornered Emoji icon to open the emoji menu.
  5. Now, you’d find two different bars below, Emojis and GIFs, and Stickers would appear suddenly.
  6. After this instant, you need to click on the Sticker icon and press the “+” tab.
  7. Next, you’d get landed on the Stickers bundle, where you can choose any and add to My Stickers instantly.


There are more than 500 stickers available in the WhatsApp Plus library, where you’d get both animated and simplistic stickers.

Additionally, the app also provides you with a search icon to help you search for your favorite sticker bundles like Money Heist, Peaky Blinders, and Doraemon.

Choose whichever bundle you desire, download it and start sending Shin Chan likes in place of a simple thumbs-up emoji.

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