What is WhatsApp Plus? How is it Different from WhatsApp?

If you are like most people, you probably use the WhatsApp messaging app on your smartphone. But what is WhatsApp Plus, and how is it different from WhatsApp? In this blog post, we will answer those questions and explain some of the other differences between these two apps.

Revolution of Instant Messaging

The advanced means of the future isn’t what belongs to give you instant gratification, but it’s the most comprehensive format of happiness. Put some peace and belief in these technologies and you’d start rising like an eagle and saving time like the smartest men on earth. Instant Messaging is one of the most pleasing experiences developed 12 years ago first by Facebook and exaggerated by WhatsApp.

After the initialization of this revolution, everyone got used to it, which we can perfectly glimpse these days on this planet. Everyone forgot mailing, posting, sending letters, telegrams, and fax, and gradually they got upgraded towards using the instantaneous thing known as WhatsApp. It’s a basic software developed for smartphones to help Android and iOS users send messages from one part of the earth to another without giving a charge.

Nowadays, the craze toward WhatsApp is lowering because of no new upgrades for a long time. Most people on this platform aspire for new fonts, icons, emojis, stickers, and privacy enhancements, but WhatsApp is just promising and making all features’ arrival late. At the current moment, we all need to gather and start employing the modified version of WhatsApp with some emerging features as per the current need, WhatsApp Plus!

What is WhatsApp Plus

Initialization of WhatsApp Plus

The version of WhatsApp that we described in a short note above is the modified form of WhatsApp software. Basically, one smartest developer named Rafalete recently created the most useful software with the exact WhatsApp servers and interface, but all the extra requirements are marked missing by official WhatsApp users. The app contains some magical scripts coded inside its package file to show you the bliss of messaging without fear of a ban.

After looking at plenty of handles, we got a massive query with missing replies, asking for the best modified version of WhatsApp. That’s why we conquered that answer here, which is WhatsApp+. It’s a version developed only for future seekers, who love the customizable interface, themes, emoji styles, and many more influential features to get inscribed together with exact WhatsApp servers.

WhatsApp Plus can be called a resolution to all those queries you sought on Quora and Reddit. It’s a privacy-rich WhatsApp Mod that allows you to make different privacy settlements, such as blue tick hiding, second tick hiding, status seen hiding, and last seen hiding. In simple words, you can gain the perfect anonymity on your instant messaging handle with just a simple implication, WhatsApp Plus.

How is WhatsApp Plus different from WhatsApp?

It’s the most complex thing to do on earth! We can’t list all the things which create a difference between the WhatsApp Plus version and the official WhatsApp instant messaging protocol. But formally, the major difference is script modification. WhatsApp Plus APK is the modified version of the WhatsApp official Play Store app, which can work only on Android smartphones operating above Android 5.0.

Some most beneficial differences between the official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus would be the added customization features, preset themes, header/footer adjustments, color prototypes, auto-reply, message scheduling, and so many automation-rich privileges. In other words, if you are using the official WhatsApp, and got hella bored with its simplistic app interface, you need to try it before the next moment.

Ultimately, the final difference between both these apps is their presence on Google Play Store. You won’t find the WhatsApp Plus version on the Play Store, and that’s because of the violation of some terms and conditions settled by Google. Fundamentally, WhatsApp Plus includes countless scripts which makes it possible to enjoy all the features restricted on the official WhatsApp, even without getting banned.


While gazing at the most advantageous MOD version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, no one can resist knowing deeply about all the amusing features present on its app interface.

Constantly, you’d also be thinking about the moment you’d get pinged by all those features, right? So let’s not waste time and take a once-over at the features of using WhatsApp Plus:

  1. Auto Reply: Time is Money, and Money is Time! We all have so many chores to do in our daily life, which makes it impossible to reply to some important client messages on WhatsApp. But don’t worry, as we’ve got the Auto-Reply feature in WhatsApp Plus, helping you customize replies as per the message with a delay time.
  2. Message Scheduling: The next thing that wastes most of our time is vital event messaging. We can’t keep every event, festive, in our mind, and that’s where Message Scheduling plays a big game. You can take the help of this privilege to schedule messages for the event dates, so the message will get delivered, even if you forget.
  3. Themes: Themes are the basic presets designed by the developers and traffic of WhatsApp Plus. It includes 5000+ themes which you can all download and install to your app’s interface and beautify it to the next level.
  4. WhatsApp Lock: Taking a broad step toward app security, WhatsApp includes an in-built App Lock feature. It’d help you make your messaging secure, either with a Pattern, PIN, or Fingerprint, as per your convenience.
  5. Privacy Add-ons: Everyone loves anonymity hell more than showing all the most important statuses online. But it’s difficult to hide things while using WhatsApp’s official version. Time to make it easier with WhatsApp Plus! This version includes privacy add-ons like Last Seen hiding, Online Status hiding, Status Seen hiding, and Blue Tick hiding.

Excluding the above mind-boggling features, WA Plus APK includes 100+ more features. Nevertheless, we’ve listed a few of them below, and most of them are marked as a surprise for you to enjoy inside the app with the download link below:

  • Send a message without saving the number
  • Rare Emoji Styles
  • More Stickers
  • Font Styles
  • Increased Image sending resolution
  • Increased Image sharing limit
  • Specific Chat locking
  • Increased Forward limit
  • Pin hundreds of chats
  • Auto Reply to Groups
  • Many more…!

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