How to Activate DND Mode on WhatsApp Plus? (Step by Step)

Enabling the working mode and escaping the procrastination zone isn’t possible without turning off the internet these days. If our phone’s internet connection is the coolest one, and even if we need no great speed or any inquiry, our mind gets reflected every single time the smartphone pings for notification. In simple words, the major problem is with the notification pings, mostly with those WhatsApp notification messages which attract gazes.

It’s hard for everyone, basically impossible for most, to get rid of WhatsApp’s gaze attraction. You must have observed that whenever that smartphone pings with your WhatsApp notification ringtone, your heartbeat gets to the rage.

However, it’s a problematic thing, and if you want to eliminate it, all you require is an exceptional WhatsApp modification called WhatsApp Plus; the Plus version with some Plus privileges.

It’s a scripted version of the official WhatsApp, including all your dream features, such as customization, privacy add-ons, message scheduler, auto-reply, and currently we are talking about DND Mode.

You can evaluate this DND Mode as the Do Not Disturb mode, developed only for WhatsApp Plus servers. If you’re conversely using the official WhatsApp app, you need to disable notifications, the internet, and so many complex settings for doing such a thing.

Nevertheless, the plus version of WhatsApp includes a free DND Mode which you can enable on a single tab at the homepage of the application and indirectly enable all of those settings at once.

This DND Mode basically disables internet connection and notifications for its user interface so that you won’t get a single ping about any of your upcoming messages. Additionally, your friends would see you offline at each point.

The above video was specially designed to make you sure of the actual process of enabling DND Mode on WhatsApp Plus. After following all those steps correctly, you’d find yourself with a wonderful life without those annoying WhatsApp notification pings.

Take a space from these pings as soon as you get the chance by following the below text steps.

  1. Firstly, download and install the WhatsApp Plus APK version on your Android device.
  2. After a successful installation, you’d be required to verify your WhatsApp account using your number and one-time passcode.
  3. You must have successfully got verified, so restart WhatsApp Plus.
  4. Now, locate a Wi-Fi icon on the topmost tab of the homepage interface. Click it!
  5. Finally, the app would ask you to enable the Airplane Mode of WhatsApp. Click Activate!


Gaze now at the magic of this exceptionally revised version of WhatsApp. You are currently having a good space with you, where you can work, enjoy, play, dream, and think without a single WhatsApp ping taking place on your mind to grab your complete attention.

In just 5 steps, you can win your freedom from those WhatsApp pings forever. Are you ready to enjoy it?

Note: You can disable DND mode again anytime on WhatsApp Plus by using the exact process. This time, clicking that Wi-Fi icon on the homepage would lead you to a Deactivate button. Click it and deactivate it whenever you need WhatsApp service again.

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