WhatsApp Plus Features Explained in Detail [Latest 2024]

Take a look at the current embracement we can merely enjoy at our fingertips, WhatsApp Plus APK, the most astounding modification ever developed for our most referred instant messaging protocol WhatsApp. You were all waiting for an immense time seeking instant messaging peacefully and most securely on the earth.

In that case, there is no competitor for WhatsApp Plus, and the reason behind that is all the remarkable features proffered by them. Indeed, we haven’t elaborated on detailed features of this futuristic WhatsApp mod on the homepage, but the reason was to enhance the convenience gradually. Nevertheless, your waiting can now go off with this article wholly grounded on the features of WA Plus.

WhatsApp Plus Features

We’ve mentioned all the privileges creatively so that you’d find it damn beneficial before using the app individually. All the crucial features, settings, options, and benefits listed within the WhatsApp+ are listed below, with a detailed summary and classification.

Detailed features of WhatsApp Plus

More than 100 websites are serving the same content, and all the exact features of WhatsApp Plus; everything is as similar as copied. Still, you’d find it complex to understand those features within other websites.

The reason is that they’ve collided all those things altogether.
If you love convenience or to learn the neat & clean feature summary of WhatsApp Plus, our recommendation would be there to go through the below list:

Primary Features

We’ve distributed all the essential features of this WhatsApp MOD with some class titles, as here we’ve got the first Primary Features. You can also call them the only magical features of WhatsApp Plus that you won’t get anywhere except this fabulous MOD:

Anti Delete

First things first! People love chatting and media sharing at an ultimate level these days, but WhatsApp’s most annoying recent update was Message deletion for everybody. Your friend or relative can delete any sent message for you, precisely like Instagram’s unsend feature.

Yeah, it’s vital for privacy! Anyhow, it ruins fun between friends. If you want to resist deleting messages for you, WhatsApp Plus delivers you Anti Delete privilege. After enabling it through Plus Settings, they won’t be able to delete messages anymore.


The only thing we lack between this running life and all the live events is TIME. We need time to complete our essential tasks and still can’t ignore replying to important messages on time.

Python bots can help us get out of that trouble, but no one has enough time to code. Don’t worry, and outsource that all to WhatsApp Plus. This MOD version includes an Auto-Reply feature, which you can customize for any of your contacts to reply within the given duration.

Message Scheduling

Online businesses are keeping the pace of Japan’s bullet trains these days. They’re adding new benefits, launching offers, and some curious updates to share with all their customers.

Sharing is Caring, and making that merely possible is what developers do here with apps like WhatsApp Plus. This WhatsApp MOD makes you capable of Message Scheduling to schedule all the critical events, offers, and meetups anytime and anywhere.

DND Mode

Whether you’re doing an online business, IT job, Freelancing, or physical interaction, space is the most crucial necessity. While grabbing and going through important meetings, we can’t let our WhatsApp ping in-between, right?

Don’t worry! You won’t need to enable Airplane Mode anymore. You can disable the internet connection for WhatsApp by enabling the DND Mode within the app interface.

Increased Forward Limit

Some essential messages come in rows from our favorite WhatsApp groups, and as we told above, sharing is caring; we can’t resist sharing that information with our friends and relatives.

Despite this composure, the official WhatsApp software creates barriers to forwarding messages only to up to 3 groups/guys at a time. Time to upgrade our forwarding experience with WhatsApp Plus and become capable of delivering 250 at a time.

Increase Image Resolution

Yesterday I visited a fantastic amusement park and captured some fantastic pictures of my seven heroic friends. That moment was fun, but afterward, I got stuck in sharing those pics with them because of the low-resolution WhatsApp sharing.

Have you also gotten annoyed with this low-quality image barrier arranged by the official WhatsApp? If that’s the case, you need to get switched to WhatsApp Plus without wasting a moment. Fortunately, you can share any image of up to 4 MBs with any of your friends without even switching to document mode.

Message without Saving the Number

We can bear struggle almost everywhere, but it becomes damn complex to tolerate while the matter is with online messaging. Consequently, WhatsApp doesn’t let us send messages without saving numbers on the Phone Book.

I’ve got a trick here, where you can send messages to any contact by directly pasting that number on WhatsApp. It contains a Message Number option on the three-dot menu; try it right now!

Download Status

Again, we have gotten into a most annoying problem with WhatsApp’s official app, Asking for Status! Everyone has got trouble asking their contacts to share their status so that they can also share it on the status wall.

If you’re also among them, get a free Download Status privilege with this exclusive WhatsApp MOD. Just install it to your phone and open any status; you’d glimpse a download icon to save it on storage.

Always Online

Messages these days are like opportunities, as we get them every time, surprisingly. Moreover, WhatsApp doesn’t include any feature to show Online status always at the contact’s profile wall.

Time to get instantly gratified with WhatsApp Plus. This scripted version includes an Always Online feature, which displays you online at all your contact phone screens without any advanced complexity.

Media Sharing

We came from a struggling generation with only reel cameras to capture pictures, with no composure, color adjustments, or filters. But the current technology has elevated us towards the minimal media types such as Emoticons.

Likewise, you’ll glimpse some unusual media types within WhatsApp Plus that you didn’t perceive yet on the official WhatsApp app. Let’s get the complete knowledge about each of them uniquely:

New Emojis

If you’ve used the WhatsApp app on your phone before, then you must have seen the old emojis settled by the developers. The problem here is that they haven’t got apprised yet.

We need change, which is only possible by downloading and employing WhatsApp Plus. This Plus version includes seven different emoji styles for WhatsApp, like Facebook-style, iOS-style, and old WhatsApp styles.

New Stickers

After striking emoticons, it’s time to discuss WhatsApp’s next unique media type, i.e., stickers. There are more than 1000 stickers yet developed for WhatsApp, but you require some third-party apps to access them all.

WhatsApp+ is the best protocol for convenience seekers, as this app includes more than a thousand humorous stickers inside the app interface. Moreover, you can also download some additional packages as per your desire to import on this MOD. Check out full guide.

Search for Web Images

We all know that WhatsApp Plus is an elevated version of the official WhatsApp, and subsequently, it includes upgraded media sharing advancements. The next one here is web images.

We love sending images momentarily as per the new events, festive, and mostly our cravings. Keeping that in mind, this WhatsApp MOD includes a web image search engine altogether of the above features. Search as many images as you can and share them directly with friends. You can read the complete guide from here.

Increased Image Sharing

Most people are swapping their instant messaging platforms these days from WhatsApp to Telegram and others because of the low forwarding and image sharing barriers settled by developers.

But you’re the smart one, and as you’ve got a high forward limit, WhatsApp Plus also includes increased image sharing. Unlike the 50 image limit, you can now send unlimited images to your friends using this elevated WhatsApp.

Security Enhancements

Two different pillars hold Android app convenience these days, where one is privacy, and the other is security. We can’t deal handily with any of them as both are required to be tracked every moment while using online apps.

Considering that, WhatsApp Plus servers are designed damn securely, and it also includes some additional security features that you can enable merely to get evaded by online threats. All you need now is to work on enabling these tweaks listed below:

WhatsApp App Lock

Let’s originate this with the most security-rich required on the most excellent instant messaging app like WhatsApp: App Locker. We all have got sucked up in the high usage of third-party app locker add-ons, and the problem gets worse when we use old-gen phones with no app lock.

You don’t have to do too much after having WhatsApp Plus installed on your phone. It delivers you an already planted app-lock add-on within the app interface. Install this app and enable WhatsApp Screen Lock to choose from Pattern, PIN, or Fingerprint Lock.

Lock a Particular Profile

The most known securing tactics for instant messaging platforms are among locking the application, hiding the application, or using a second space. But WhatsApp Plus has got some more advanced tactics that you won’t believe on earth.

The first one is particular to profile locking. WhatsApp app locking is for kids, but legends are born for locking specific profiles. If you want to hide and secure a particular chat on WhatsApp.

Hide Media from Gallery

Tactics made WhatsApp Plus the best WhatsApp MOD globally, and currently, we’re again talking about a convenience-enhancing privilege called Media Hider. We sometimes get stuck when our family members or friends see some pictures we got on WhatsApp, which they didn’t mean to glimpse.

No more worrying about this trouble. After enabling Hide Media from Gallery prompt, none of your smartphone users can stream any video or image received on WhatsApp using your phone’s Gallery or Photos app. Isn’t that secure? Have a look at the dedicated guide.

End-to-End Encrypted Protocol

We won’t ever disappoint you with deceased official features by off-roading all the newest privileges designed within WhatsApp Plus. You’ll get all the same security elements you enjoyed within WhatsApp official APK similarly in this MOD.

Taking the most loved old feature from the official app, WhatsApp Plus also includes an End-to-End encrypted protocol, where you can chat with any of your WhatsApp contacts without leaking any information or message character to Facebook or us. You’re the safest!

Privacy Add-ons

We successfully acknowledged all the first pillar features of WhatsApp Plus, the security ones. Currently, it’s time to gaze at the privacy features provided by the Plus developers.

Being a MOD advanced version, it includes some unbelievable privacy features that’ll skyrocket your privacy without asking for a single buck. Unlike the official app, the app’s control panel would be entirely in your hand, with zero interruption.

Hide Online Status

Our privacy is directly affiliated with our time dependency. We can’t be free or available for everyone simultaneously, but WhatsApp’s terms and conditions demonstrate us online on every contact’s screen.

However, you won’t need to worry anymore! With WhatsApp Plus, you can enable Hide Online Status, and it’ll instantly hide your status for every phone saved your number in their WhatsApp contact list. Chat freely with anybody you want, and halt carrying Online status! take a look at the dedicated guide.

Hide Typing…

These days, everyone has an inner fear of FOMO (Fear of missing out); that’s why we chat on instant messaging protocols steadily and sense fully. Still, the official WhatsApp makes it hard and somehow builds FOMO with that typing… status.

If you also hate this Typing… status, you must avoid employing WhatsApp Plus. Inside there, you’d get an option to enable Hide Typing…; you’re 100% free from FOMO.

Hide Recording…

Similar to the last Typing… status, we also get some similar barriers on WhatsApp official apps, such as Recording…, Capturing…, and Recording video…! Don’t worry, technology will also deal with this problem!

All you need is to follow the exact procedure and enable Hide Recording… or all the FOMO-rich complexities on WhatsApp Plus. Afterward, you can start enjoying instant chats with your friends and relatives.

Hide Last Seen

The current obstacle we’re referring to is graved deep inside every instant chatter’s heart. Yeah, we’re talking about the Last Seen status of the WhatsApp official app. WhatsApp shows that status to each contact about the time when we’re last online messaging.

If you got annoyed with this and didn’t want to let your girlfriend, father, or best friend get your last seen, you need to upgrade with WhatsApp Plus. Here, you can enable Hide Last Seen and simply stop showing Last Seen to anyone in your contact list.

Hide Blue Tick

Do you know why WhatsApp is the most renowned instant messaging protocol globally? We used WeChat, Skype, and Snapchat, but why did only WhatsApp include billions of traffic in total? Convenience is the reason! It delivers features like Blue Ticks and makes messaging mere.

But no one can know when a convenience gets modified to the most considerable trouble. No one these days wants to show Blue Tick, even after reading messages, and that’s only possible with WhatsApp Plus. This Plus version includes Hide Blue Tick for free.

Hide Second Tick

Expanding heights is everyone’s first dream, whether the aspect is a life task or Android software. We’d support you every moment, expanding your heights without a single interruption.

Consequently, WhatsApp Plus started hiding Second Tick privilege. After enabling this, one can also hide the Second Tick for the message sender and make them think if you’re offline and their message didn’t deliver well. Behindhand, you already read that message.

Hide Status Seen

Believe it or not, we all love stalking! Here, I’m not talking about the girls, but the lifestyle of everyone, including our best friends, cousins, and even teachers. Nastily, WhatsApp’s official app sends a Status seen docket on our contacts’ status window when we see their statuses. Whether we want to notify them or not.

WhatsApp Plus is designed to elevate your messaging and modify demerits into merits. Simultaneously, it allows you to hide the Status Seen label from contacts’ status screens. Sounds magical, eh?

UI Customization

Until the current moment, we’ve become notorious for all the essential magical, security, and privacy features transported by WhatsApp Plus. Lastly, let’s talk about designing, personalization, and merely the WhatsApp app’s overall customization.

Within the complete below list, you’d find all the UI customization and personalization features, ditto what’s provided freely by this exclusive WhatsApp MOD. Let’s not waste more crucial jiffies and get started with the first customization feature:

Color Modification

Mainly with the girls and women, they’re all color lovers and know the best color gradients that we men didn’t even perceive. However, that curiosity is exceptional and can be more helpful with the WhatsApp Plus.

Whether you’re male or female, in love with a fabulous color gradient, WhatsApp + allows you to modify the app’s overall colors. You can choose one primary and one secondary color within the header gradient customization and general app color engraving.

New Themes

Is it your birthday today, Christmas, Halloween, Diwali, Holi, or your Wedding Anniversary? Respectively, whichever event is today, you can design WhatsApp wholly as per that event to make you feel gorgeous chatter globally.

WhatsApp Plus offers you 5000+ pre-designed theme templates which you can either search or scroll through, install, and run on your app’s interface. It won’t just modify the app colors but will also include some remarkable wallpapers and gradients to fascinate your friends.

New Notification Icons

We looked for more than 15 years until the development of the WhatsApp instant messaging protocol, and they still haven’t changed their app’s logo. However, it looks premium but can look more beautiful in different colors, like Black, Red, and Yellow.

If you’re an icon lover and want to choose one of the ten amusing WhatsApp notification icons, WhatsApp Plus is in the lead. Deciding it won’t disappoint you in any aspect of messaging or personalizing, so download it promptly and thank us later.

Make Own Theme

Choosing different color gradients and exceptional header styles sound amusing at the first instant, but no one can remember color codes, border ratios, and gradient styles every moment, right? Suppose you’re uninstalling WhatsApp Plus and forgot to capture a screenshot of your color settings?

That’s why WhatsApp Plus provides you an option to make your own theme and export it to the cloud surface or local storage. Afterward, you can import the exact theme style while reinstalling this Plus version on your smartphone to enjoy the same colors without a single erudition.

Unique Ticks

Customizing colors seems futuristic; employing themes also seems futuristic; notification icons seem quite exceptional; but can you suppose having tick styles in WhatsApp? Yeah, I’m talking about the exact tick styles, those blue ticks you glimpse after your messages.

As an ultra-futuristic Android app, WhatsApp Plus also includes the rarest blue tick styles, like iOS ticks, traffic signals, daydreams, toys, and sandboxes. Choose any available styles on the interface and start relishing this magical feature of technology.

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