Guide to Auto Reply Messages on WhatsApp Plus? (Easy Steps)

We all know the potential of online business these days, as it’s getting further to the limits and making us believe in the future of virtuality. Everyone is trying to shift their complete business online and pass its handle to a technological IT guy. But most of the tasks can simply get automated without dividing your earnings towards an IT guy’s salary, like replying to messages. Yeah, we get too busy with physical things and forget to reply to clients’ messages.

Do you want to automate that thing at the beginner level from today? What if I’d make you sure that you can merely automate that all at the very first space using a different version of WhatsApp made heartedly for online businesses? Yeah, that’s true, and the coolest software behind that is WhatsApp Plus. It’s the altered version of WhatsApp that works efficiently on the exact servers, contacts, and interface, but sarcastically transports some vital advantages.

The current advantage we’re referring to is Auto Reply. That’s what we told you above, an online robot replying to all your messages with an internet connection and no need for your presence.

Furthermore, you won’t even need to pay any recurring or one-time payments there. All you require is to make some simplistic one-time customizations on the Auto-Reply section of WhatsApp to start the bot working properly on your WhatsApp handle.

Suppose you’ve made some settlements for anyone messaging you, as mentioned below –

Message -> What’s the Subscription price?

Reply -> Thanks for asking Sir/Madam, it’s $100 a month, and you can pay with the below protocols.

In that case, whenever someone would message you in that way, they’d get the exact reply after your injected time interval. Isn’t that astonishing? If you liked that and want to inject that into your daily messaging cycle, follow the below convenient procedure and start enjoying it.

Steps to Auto Reply Messages on WhatsApp Plus

After grabbing the information from the above video, we have also designed the coolest protocol for you to understand the complete procedure of customizing the auto-replying strategy on WhatsApp Plus. It’s the text step procedure, as we’ve listed below the step-to-step technique walkthrough.

  1. Download and install the WhatsApp Plus application package from here, and verify your account.
  2. Get back to the WhatsApp Plus homepage and click the top-right corner three-dot button.
  3. Finally, you’d glimpse an Auto-Reply option on the list.
  4. Now, you need to create a new Auto Reply message, which you can do instantly by pressing the + icon positioned in the bottom-right corner.
  5. It’d instantly deliver you a giant menu, where you’re required to walk properly. Firstly, choose whichever message you want to reply to automatically.
  6. You can select the
    Reply if contains: Reply for any word existing in your chosen message.
    Reply if equal: Reply only to the message containing an entire similar sentence.
    Reply to all messages: Reply to each message constantly.
  7. Afterward, select the Auto-Reply message you wish to set for all your messengers.
  8. Pick the delay time whenever you want to reply to them, like in how many seconds.
  9. Choose among the traffic related to this Auto Reply, Contacts, Groups, or both.
  10. Lastly, set if you intend to run this Auto-Reply service for specific times, contacts, or groups.

That’s all from your side! Shut down the WhatsApp Plus app, keep your internet connection enabled, and do all your other important tasks. The Plus bot will handle your messages according to what you set up, and it won’t take more time than what you gave it. Enjoy messaging!

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