How to Lock Specific Conversation on WhatsApp Plus (Guide)

There is an unusual feature presented by the WhatsApp Plus developers that you haven’t seen yet on any instant messaging app or its modification. It’s a security-based feature designed to provide you with specific lock options for each of the WhatsApp chats. You used the WhatsApp locker, third-party app locker, and the fingerprint unlocking option on WhatsApp, but the specific conversation locker is astounding.

Gone are the days when you were supposed to parse the screen locks and app locks to make WhatsApp a secure instant messaging app. Nowadays, you can use the WhatsApp Plus version which can be stated as a massive locker, including thousands of locks and keys in your mind. No one knows which key is supported to which of your locked chats and consistently you won the actual security game.

Android app developers are working damn hard these days to create the most enthusiastic features which aren’t offered even inside the premium or paid version. Now, WhatsApp is an app with literally no premium subscription plan, but you can also enjoy here some amazing features developed sarcastically for those techies who love the customizable interface, privacy add-ons, and the giant level security features like Specific Chat locking.

If you think that there is the most confidential data in some of your important stuff, like clients, life partners, or girlfriend’s chats that you don’t want to share with anyone using your phone, WhatsApp Plus would be our first recommendation. The app priorly offers convenience and that’s why it’s damn simple to lock each of the chats available inside the WhatsApp Plus interface. Just follow the below steps and embrace security.

After streaming this video, you can also simplify the procedure for enhancing the overall security of your daily chatting by using the below-listed text steps. These text steps provide you with the exact information that you’ve got in the above video but in a more simplified way –

  1. Download WhatsApp Plus from here and install it on your phone.
  2. Verify your WhatsApp number or create a new account ASAP on the Plus version.
  3. Restart the application, and now choose the specific chat that you want to secure.
  4. Click the top-right corner positioned three-dot menu icon.
  5. Among the menu, glimpse the Lock Conversation option, mostly you’d see it as a last option.
  6. Click the Lock Conversation option, and the app would provide you with three options, Pattern, PIN, and Fingerprint.
  7. Choose whichever security protocol you want to inscribe and type it two times for perfect verification.
  8. Finally, restart WhatsApp Plus and try opening that specific chat once again.

The current moment would be secure for your chats and you’d glimpse the locked specific chats with your preferred protocol. The best thing here is that you’re also getting the Fingerprint unlocking option within the Pattern and PIN. It’ll enhance the unlocking convenience for instant messengers like you and help you rock on WhatsApp.

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