How to Send Message without Saving Number on WhatsApp Plus?

There is a feeling, a new vibe we all enjoy every time while meeting new people. We all love wandering with amazing worldly guys and enhancing friendship at an extensive level with all of them.

Well, that’s simplistic these days because of an incredible software called WhatsApp. No matter which country your friend or a newbie lives in, it’s impossible if they don’t utilize the heavenly messaging service WhatsApp.

However, everything seems simplistic at first, but unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t include any option to send messages to those whose contact numbers we haven’t saved in the phone book.

It sounds rude at first, as we don’t get enough time sometimes to save numbers, and we hastily request to send important messages.

Those times, while in front of friends and saving numbers first in the phone book would seem arrogant to you and that’s why we recommend using the latest WhatsApp+.

There are enormous Mods developed for WhatsApp yet, but WhatsApp Plus unusually transports a free privilege, where you can inscribe the contact number directly through the app interface and send messages without saving numbers to your phone book.

Don’t worry, this app works on the exact servers you get on the official WhatsApp software, but additionally, developers have included some privileged scripts within them.

Send Message without Saving Number on WhatsApp Plus

Currently, you can download and install WhatsApp Plus to your phone and enable this privilege merely by processing the below-listed simplistic steps.

For making things seem simple, we’ve listed a video as well as text-described steps. Choose your favored type of understanding and enable this astonishing feature today on WhatsApp!

All the steps shown within the above video are also harvested into the simplistic text steps we’ve listed below.

You’re getting the exact procedure, but in a different way below; just go on from Step 1 to the last step and enjoy the simplicity of WhatsApp Plus.

  1. First, download and install WhatsApp Plus on your phone using this mere weblink.
  2. Later, verify your WhatsApp account by inscribing your contact number and required one-time passcode (OTP).
  3. Finally, restart the app on your device and tap in the top-right corner three-dot options icon.
  4. Afterward, click the Message a Number tab listed on the three-dot options menu!
  5. Now, paste the number that your friend just told you.
  6. Ultimately, you’ve got two different messages, including Call and Message.
  7. Choose whichever you desire and enjoy the convenience sourced by WhatsApp+.

Now, you’re armed with a fantastic feature to make most of your time secure and work smartly. You don’t need to save numbers in your phone book for messaging anymore.

All you need now is to choose WhatsApp Plus, press the message a number tab, and inscribe the WhatsApp number of the prospect to contact them hastily and merely. Sounds convenient, eh?

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