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If you’re looking for a new and improved way to use WhatsApp, download the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK today! This WhatsApp MOD by Fouad Mods comes with an Impressive Blue Theme UI.

Current Versions: v10.06


Being Online

Recording Status


 Themes & Fonts

Blue tick

Typing Status

Microphone Settings

Save Status

Icon Change

Double Tick

Fingerprint Lock

Scheduling Messages

DND Mode

Disable Call

We’re living on a massive ball called EARTH, revolving around the next bigger ball called SUN, with some extra balls like Mars and Jupiter. Before, it was hard when we thought about taking our word from one side of Earth to another because of low resources.

But currently, we’ve got a technology making it possible to send our word anywhere, even if that place exists on Earth or some astronaut on Mars sent by Musk.

Being technological, we always belong to the outer surface of this planet, as we’re all revolutionary, employing the best tactics ever developed to make most of our tasks easier.

But things get complex while forgetting about the most important things, Privacy, and Security of our data, messages, and contacts. WhatsApp Plus can be the one to impress you by adding all such tactics to your instant messaging.

It’s fundamentally an Android application known as the MOD version of your most employed instant messaging platform, called WhatsApp. It’s a cool version that can make you attached to all your friends, relatives, and those Mars Astronauts without snatching the privacy things from you.

Likewise, it’s an exclusively open-source Android app that came to make your messaging fun!

Revolution of Instant Messaging

We have our fathers and forefathers who’ve seen the world too closely from the day they were born until today. When you’d ask them, you’d know that there was a time when people walked too far to deliver a message from one end to another. Currently, we’ve got everything to make points more leisurely than they were before.

Afterward, when we glimpse the most crucial aspects of making this possible, Instant Messaging would be marked at the top of the list. After the launch of WhatsApp in 2010, Instant Messaging took a revolutionary side of the internet.

WhatsApp wasn’t the first instant messaging stuff, as we already recognized Facebook and WeChat before it, but the convenience offered within WhatsApp was unpredictable for that era.

Even if we’d have a look now at WhatsApp, it’s controlling billions of message volumes every single minute, as well over 2 billion users are currently messaging via WhatsApp.

That’s what is called magical statistics, and all that without a single additional privilege as per chatter’s mindsets. If you’re dreaming of some lasting benefits with WhatsApp, you can try Blue WhatsApp Plus.

What is Blue WhatsApp Plus?

We’re damn addicted to simplicity designed by technology, but it’s not just the simplicity that makes us lusty, eh? We also love personalization and usualness. WhatsApp is cool, but suppose you’ll get some fantastic color combinations designed within the same interface before all your friends and relatives possess it?

In that case, your vibe would be the mightiest among all your WhatsApp contacts, and you can show that off without fear.

As we’re talking about personalization, it’d sound wrong not to add Blue WhatsApp Plus by FouadMods within the conversation. There are millions of Mods developed for WhatsApp instant messaging, but Blue WhatsApp is best-in-class for personalization and color customization. It contains way more personalizing tactics than all other Mods, while asking you for no recurring or one-time payment.

Furthermore, Blue WhatsApp Plus by Fouad WhatsApp is a highly compatible Android app that you can download on any of your devices running above Android 5.0.

Harshly, it’s not an app developed for iOS iPhones and iPads, but the Android experience would be cozy enough to make you fully amazed. WhatsApp Plus APK was a privacy expert, but this blue version by Fouad here is the customization expert listed on the download link below. You can also try WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK.

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We know that you’re rushing after knowing about the WhatsApp Plus Blue to download it as soon as we get the chance, but before doing that, it’s good to know about the privileges you’re about to get inside.

Choose whether to download it at the earliest and enjoy every feature by 100% employing, or learning them through the below-detailed sections:

Customization Freaky Privileges

New Themes

The themes can also be called preset designs for WhatsApp Plus Blue. In normal words, if you’re getting themes, you’re receiving wholly packed designs with enormous colors, banner designs, and different dimensions. If you want to outsource customizing and personalizing tasks to developers and aspiring WhatsApp users, you can download this Blue WhatsApp version. It offers you 5000+ free themes imported from YoThemes Store, fresher versions than the official WhatsApp Plus.

New Colors

Color Gradients also include a similar requirement as that of the pre-designed WhatsApp Plus themes. Suppose you liked a theme and later thought of using an impeccable color gradient with the exact theme design! In that case, Latest Blue WhatsApp Plus will help you choose from the newest color gradients. You’ll get more than 100 unique colors, and additionally, you can also create your own 4000+ colors by customizing the RGB settings.

Dimension Designing

Next was, we get attracted to the sizing of WhatsApp headers, footers, message windows, and profile tabs. Complete customizing includes everything adaptive in nature, and the WhatsApp Plus Blue works in an exact manner. You can also customize sizing, dimensions, parameters, headings, and font sizes within this exceptional WhatsApp MOD. If you want to make messaging more opportune, try increasing padding ASAP inside this MOD!

Specific Participant Colors

I still remember when that feature started for mini bar phones, the one that made us capable of selecting specific contact ringtones. It helped us to consciously know which one is calling via the ringtone in our mindset. Likewise, WhatsApp Plus Blue delivers you specific participant colors. It’s an option, that you can enable and pick different color styles for all the different prospects you message daily and keep them merely in your subconscious mind.

New Font Styles

Monotype Corsiva, Calibri, Jokerman, and Bookman Old Style are one of the best writing fonts that you must get pinged with while employing Microsoft Word and all such software. But do you know that you can also try those fonts directly on your WhatsApp software without having a font-enabled smartphone like Xiaomi? Yeah, you heard that right! Just get evolved to Blue WhatsApp Plus today and try impeccable fonts freely.

Home Screen Wallpapers

You must currently contend that the Wallpaper option is also there inside the official WhatsApp application, so what’s new here inside the modified version, right? Well, this wallpaper option is way different from the official one. Inside the official version, you can establish wallpaper only on particular chats, but while using WhatsApp Plus Blue Download, you can also embed a beautiful wallpaper on your WhatsApp home screen. Isn’t that unusual?

Date Message Coloring

Security and Privacy Privileges

Hide Blue Tick

Hide Second Tick

Anti Delete Messages

Hide Media from Gallery

Hide specific chats from your friends and family members.

Hide Online status

Hide Media from Gallery

Hide Status Seen tile from Contact’s screen

WhatsApp in-built App Lock for advanced security

Many more…!

Download Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

Blue WhatsApp Plus
App NameBlue WhatsApp Plus
Size76 MB
Total Downloads10,00,000+
Requires Android4.0 and up
Last Updated1 day ago

Note: The APK you are downloading is 100% Safe and Secure. We have tested it with various Anti-Virus software before providing it on this website.

It’s showtime guys! We know everything now about the WhatsApp Plus Blue by Fouad WhatsApp, its features, demerits, and the exact need for this astonishing modded WhatsApp. Ultimately, we’re at the space where all you require is to click a button, and later you can enjoy all the features listed above without a single payment.

It’s a simplistic procedure, just click the web link listed above, and the download process would get started soon. Later, you have to install this app to your Android device, which is again convenient as you just need to follow the default installation steps. So, why are you waiting? Break the wall between you and WhatsApp Plus Blue instantly by clicking the link above!


Blue WhatsApp Plus APK v9.85 Changelog


How to Install Blue WhatsApp Plus APK on Android

Installing WhatsApp Plus Blue on your Android device is simple and easy. Just follow the steps given below:

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

Note: Make sure to install Blue WhatsApp Plus Mods from only. Since this is an unofficial version of WhatsApp, it is important to be careful when downloading and installing any apps onto your phone.

  1. Download the latest APK file from the above link.
  2. Once the download is complete, open locate the APK file and tap on “Install”.
  3. If you are prompted, allow “Unknown Sources” from the settings.
    unknown sources
  4. Proceed with the installation and wait for it to finish.
  5. Now, open WhatsApp Plus Blue App and enter your mobile number.
  6. Verify your mobile number and you are good to go.
Blue WhatsApp Plus Interface 2

That’s it! You have successfully installed WhatsApp Plus Blue on your Android device. Now, you can enjoy all the features of Blue WhatsApp Plus without any limitations.

WhatsApp 2024 User Statistics

According to a recent Statista report, WhatsApp currently has over two billion, monthly active users. This number is expected to grow to nearly three billion by 2024. WhatsApp is particularly popular in emerging markets, such as India and Brazil.

In India, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app, with over 200 million monthly active users. In Brazil, WhatsApp is used by over 70% of mobile phone users. WhatsApp has also become increasingly popular in developed markets, such as the United States and Germany.

In the United States, WhatsApp is the second most popular messaging app, with over 60 million monthly active users. In Germany, WhatsApp is used by over 50% of mobile phone users. With its large user base and unrivaled popularity, WhatsApp is well-positioned to maintain its position as a leading messaging app in the years to come.


Disadvantages of Blue WhatsApp Plus

Flipping a coin would always offer you two different outcomes, heads, and tails; real life also works precisely as this coin roulette. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, which make it both futuristic and brutal in nature. However, WhatsApp Plus Blue won’t interrupt you with many disadvantages inside the interface.

You’d have the only disadvantage here, inferior security. While using Blue WhatsApp Plus, we can’t provide 100% safety for your WhatsApp account. Sometimes, using the most powerful feature of this astonishing WhatsApp MOD temporarily bans a WhatsApp account.

We’d conversely recommend you always try a different number or non-important WhatsApp account within these Mods. However, it contains a free anti-ban script so that there is not much space to get worried, but the entire risk would be yours while using this MOD’s privileges!

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We, Human Beings, can’t find fun in simplistic things, as we’re fed with the feeling of the need for a thrill every single moment. Using the simple app version isn’t our thing, and that’s why we’ve discovered this remarkable WhatsApp MOD for you called Blue WhatsApp Plus.

The thrill is on the way, and you are ready to get established on your Android Smartphone promptly. Don’t resist such beautiful technology and make WhatsApp Plus Blue by FouadMods all yours by clicking the download link above.

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