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No matter whether rebirth lively happens or not, you’ll get it for WhatsApp Plus, using WhatsApp Plus Reborn with extra features. This app is 100% Safe to use, and it comes with Anti-Ban functionality.

Current Versions: v1.93


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The only expertise we can mark as the speed of rage these days is Instant Messaging and media sharing. It’s evolving every day with some new astonishing privileges to make it more convenient and adorable while using. WhatsApp Plus Reborn is also one of the most excellent versions in the Instant Messaging protocol top-dogs.

It’s the most exceptional Android application with all the exact features of the official WhatsApp messaging platform but extra crispy features. These are the features that the official WhatsApp abandoned while you asked them about.

Instant Messaging is worthless without privacy, and this version of WhatsApp adds some top-notch privacy features with the same WhatsApp servers and exclusive interface.

You can call it a MOD version of WhatsApp developed by the WhatsApp Plus developers. It’s a regenerated thing born from the emergence of requirements not advanced inside the WhatsApp Plus, and that’s why it’s called WhatsApp Plus Reborn.

Downloading it on your phone would unlock the multiverse of instant messaging there, including gates for extra privacy, modern customization, and some brilliant privileges.

What is WhatsApp?

When someone asks about WhatsApp, it’s far better to reply to the revolution than an Android application by Facebook. Isn’t that right? Exceptionally! The reason behind that is billions of instant messaging traffic exploring daily chatting and all other features of WhatsApp to embrace their online lifestyle. Additionally, people are also using it to share images, videos, and documents with their friends without getting charged.

It doesn’t end here as WhatsApp is an innovative virtual creature getting advanced fleetingly with some extraordinary features recently, we glimpsed an online payment add-on, group video chat with more participants, and some fantastic privacy features. But that’s still not everything we want from the most awesome instant messaging app WhatsApp on your smartphone. We’re techies, and we always starve for usualness.

Don’t scratch your head much, and get started with a breathtaking MOD version of WhatsApp developed by the WhatsApp community. You aren’t supposed to pay dollars for this version, as it got freely advanced to fill your hunger with 100+ new advantages and not a slight lag. If WhatsApp is your highly used instant messaging platform, you can call WhatsApp Plus Reborn the cleverest way to breathe instant messaging.

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What is WhatsApp Plus Reborn?

When WhatsApp was launched publicly, there was a rage-kind craze in techie’s minds as they saw a properly developed instant messaging platform for the first time in their Android life. Success never holds more than the struggle put inside it. Consequently, the craze for WhatsApp has decreased slowly as the urge for features has been enhanced and the pace of development slowed down.

Nevertheless, today we’ve got something fantastic for you to make you fall in love once again with this great instant messaging platform called WhatsApp. We’d take here the help of a modified version developed for the WhatsApp Plus, called WhatsApp Plus Reborn. It’s the actual rebirth of WhatsApp Plus APK, created with love by the developers and some optimized features supposed to simplify your journey.

You got in our sight, later WhatsApp Plus Reborn got in your sight, and currently, it’s time to make this vision wider with all the remarkable features present within this rebirth. Get this mod now, without wasting any more moments in thinking, as it’s something you’d regret a lot for losing. Time to exchange your official WhatsApp application with the exclusive renaissance.

Download WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK

WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK
App NameWhatsApp Plus Reborn
Size25 MB
Total Downloads2,00,000+
Requires Android4.0 and up
Last Updated1 day ago

Features of WhatsApp Plus Reborn

Legends never die! WhatsApp Plus finally has cleared the meaning of this phrase by developing a remarkable rebirth of WhatsApp Plus APK. Before getting essence through it individually, let me confront you with all the smoothest features presented by WhatsApp Plus Reborn:

Dark Mode

The most recent version of Blue WhatsApp Plus APK still doesn’t include a working Dark Mode within the interface. There are more than 5000 themes currently available there, but not a plain dark mode.

Beneficially, the WhatsApp Plus Reborn App includes a convenient Dark Mode that can get enabled merely from the app home page. Give a little rest to your eyes at night with this rebirth.

Ultimate Themes

Being a new and advanced app version, the WhatsApp Plus Reborn includes some additional themes that you won’t glimpse on the official Plus app.

These are all the new-gen themes developed for someone finding a rare interface. If you got bored with the official White-Green and Black-Green WhatsApp interface, make an oath to use this MOD to enjoy some technological features.

New Emojis

In my opinion, WhatsApp is nothing without Emoticons. Whenever it removes these cutest emojis from the interface would be the last day for WhatsApp on the Android and iOS universe.

Still, I get bored with the same emotions every time. Upgrading your lifestyle isn’t the only important thing; you also need to upgrade your emoticons style using WhatsApp Plus Reborn. It includes some new emoji styles from Snapchat, Instagram, and classic Facebook.

Hide Online Status

There are three types of status on WhatsApp. One belongs with your profile caption status. The other is your daily status. The current one we’re referring to is your online status, showing people that you’re currently using WhatsApp to reply to them speedily.

If you’ve got some problem with that, and you don’t like notifying your contacts that you’re browsing WhatsApp messages online, try this fantastic Reborn WhatsApp Mod. It hides your online status with a single click of enabling through Plus Settings. Moorthy!

Smoothest Interface

My mind and my head are captivated with only things wandering from one side to the opposite; WhatsApp Plus Reborn app interface. You’d literally love this app’s UI, designed by Plus developers with love.

The app includes all the features we’re listing here in the coziest way that you won’t feel complicated any single time. Neither while enabling a feature nor while employing it!


Revealing the most stunning thing ensured by WhatsApp Plus recently – WhatsApp Plus Reborn, which includes the anti-ban scripts so that your account would be safe while using this most excellent MOD.

Still, you’d have to download it while keeping an eye on your account’s security. Every time while downloading a WhatsApp MOD, first try a temporary or unimportant WhatsApp account where you can afford a ban.

Group Chats (More Participants)

While surveying the most common problems everyone suffers from the most downloaded instant messaging platform WhatsApp, we get hazardous replies for fewer participants on group chats.

Don’t be troubled about it! WhatsApp Plus Reborn is here, favoring you with more participant MOD in group chats. In other words, you can now add more users in WhatsApp groups than you added inside official WhatsApp.

Download Status

Hey BRO, send me that WhatsApp Status you put on your wall ASAP…… Have you finally gotten annoyed sending such messages to your friends and relatives and want to grab their statuses without even letting them know?

Everyone literally wants this feature, and fortunately, it’s there inside the Reborn app interface. You can download WhatsApp Status with WhatsApp Plus Reborn more promptly than the WhatsApp Plus version. Try it now!

Advanced Privacy

You need to be conscious about privacy while using an instant messaging platform, as it’s the only thing that matters to your reputation and prosperous enjoyment.

Harshly, the official WhatsApp doesn’t contain many privacy features. Why worry about that when you can get more with WhatsApp Plus Reborn, right? You get here advanced privacy features where you can hide online status, status seen, typing, recording, last seen, and almost everything related to WhatsApp privacy.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK on Android

If you’re looking to Install WhatsApp Plus Reborn on your Android device, there are a few steps that you need to follow to complete the process successfully.

Install WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK

Note: Make sure to install WhatsApp Plus Mods from waplusapk.net only. Since this is an unofficial version of WhatsApp, it is important to be cautious when downloading and installing any software onto your phone.

  1. Download the latest APK from the above section.
  2. Now head over to the location where you have downloaded the APK file.
  3. Simply tap on it to begin the installation process.
  4. You may be prompted to allow “Unknown Sources” in your security settings; if so, make sure to grant permission before proceeding with the installation.
  5. That’s it you’re done! You have successfully installed the MOD.

After installing WhatsApp Plus Reborn, you will need to open the app and sign in to your existing account or create a new account if you do not already have one. Once you are logged in and connected, you can start customizing your settings as desired.

This includes selecting themes for the interface, choosing notification sounds and vibration patterns, and setting custom privacy options for individual contacts. With these simple steps, you will be ready to take full advantage of all the great features offered by WhatsApp Plus Reborn!


Being an optimistic thinker makes us embrace all the features of modified apps. However, we won’t hide a single disadvantage of downloading and installing WhatsApp Plus Reborn on your smartphone. You’re literally getting more from this astonishing WhatsApp MOD, and nothing additional comes without a cost.

In exchange, you’re giving your account’s security to WhatsApp Reborn. As a demerit, it can ban your account temporarily sometime or permanently in the worst case. So, please download and install this app to your phone at your own risk.

If you’re an enthusiast looking for the new features embedded with the exact WhatsApp, you can try creating a new WhatsApp account for WhatsApp Plus Reborn from a unique number. It’d make your official WhatsApp safe, and you’d also confront all the outstanding features gathered within this reborn WhatsApp MOD.

People Also Ask


You won’t believe that there are more than 100 WhatsApp MODs still developed to enhance the interior beauty of WhatsApp. Still, if you’re new to this league and looking for a convenient and futuristic MOD, WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK is what you want indirectly. It’s a MOD that can’t get acknowledged exceptionally with a single web article, and we’re indeed lacking in recognizing so many advanced features.

But don’t worry! This WhatsApp MOD is now all yours. Download it from the above link and install it with the default installation procedure by enabling third-party installation and clicking. Later, enjoy everything we mentioned above with some additional privileges never shown on any IM protocol before. Go on!!!

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