Is WhatsApp Plus legal? All You Need to Know?

The presence of modified Android apps and game versions was started a long time ago, which we can mark right after the development of official Android apps and games. We, as humans, love antidotes before the viruses, and that’s completely relatable with the official and modified app versions. You can call modified antidotes for official viruses. Accordingly, we’ve lined all the WhatsApp modifications, originating with WhatsApp Plus APK.

No doubt, you must have enjoyed some modifications before, such as the GB WhatsApp Pro, Yo WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus Reborn, and dropped them all because of security issues.

We aren’t magicians but can tell that exactly with our last experiences with WhatsApp Mods. Most WhatsApp modifications work great but don’t include an anti-ban script to make it an unsecured chatting protocol.

Recently, so many people got stuck with WhatsApp Mods’ illegality, and their accounts got banned, most temporarily, some permanently. Now, the only question that arises in our minds is about the legality of WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp+ is also one of the most potent modified versions of WhatsApp, and we’ve covered this complete article with the exact information, initializing with the exact features and meaning of the app.

Is WhatsApp Plus legal

All About WhatsApp Plus

For those who don’t know about WhatsApp Plus potentially, it’s a simplistic Android app delivering the exact WhatsApp interface and servers placed at the same position with numerous amazing features.

It was developed by Rafalete and his breathtaking team in 2012 as an antidote to all the problems related to the official WhatsApp interface. Until that time, he worked hard and created more than 50 updates in the line, all with new additional features.

He potentialized three important sections of WhatsApp’s official version to create WhatsApp Plus; Security, Privacy, and Customization. That’s where most official WhatsApp users get stuck, as they all are technological humans in need of the amazingly designed UI, and potential security. He employed some theme libraries and created the preset themes, and added WhatsApp App Lock, Hiding, and many essential features.

Furthermore, Rafalete also worked on enhancing the overall privacy section of WhatsApp. It lacked some features in the official app, related to showing personal info on their contact’s devices.

After having WhatsApp Plus, you can hide all that significant information related to your current status, WhatsApp online duration, status seen, and all such things you want to keep private.

Privileges offered by WhatsApp Plus

Currently, in such a technology-rich era, if we’d search for the synonyms of modified or MOD app versions, they’d first mark the exceptionally privileged apps. Well, that’s true and marked by WhatsApp Plus too, employing the below-listed features:

  1. 5000+ Themes
  2. Pro customization features
  3. Hide Online Status, Status Seen, Blue Ticks, Double Ticks, and Profile Picture.
  4. Message without saving the number to the contact list.
  5. Download photo and video statuses
  6. WhatsApp Lock
  7. Specific Profile Lock
  8. Different Emoji styles
  9. New WhatsApp notification icons
  10. Dark Mode
  11. Many more wonderful features…

The major thing is still unsolved; Is WhatsApp plus legal? Let’s know about that instantly:

Is WhatsApp Plus legal

Apart from answering this question, let me tell you one exclusive thing related completely to the same topic – WhatsApp Plus works on the same servers as the WhatsApp official app.

It was designed with including the cracked servers, which currently offer you the complete exact official UI too. Consequently, you can have the answer that WhatsApp Plus is a 100% legal app.

No one can ever recognize which WhatsApp you’re using if the online servers are the same. Think of features just like the additional scripts we’ve added inside them, but no one can ever mark WhatsApp Plus as an illegal app.

It won’t steal any of your important data, chats, media files, or anything, and also deliver you the valuable elements listed above. The only existence of this software is online servers, which the Plus versions included effectively.

Moreover, if you’re still in deep thinking about the existence of any illusional demerits of using this fantastic WhatsApp MOD, you can go through the below two sections which would completely solve all your remaining doubts about WhatsApp Plus. Belief is indispensable!

Why is WhatsApp Plus isn’t listed on the official Google Play Store?

Whenever we create a mood of using any Android application, the first thing we do is run an instant search for that app on the official Google Play Store.

Every so often, we find no results for our favorite apps, and the same would happen in the case of the WhatsApp Plus version. Well, there is a giant reason behind that, not related to the legality of the app, but some additional things restricted by Google’s terms and conditions.

The only two reasons why WhatsApp Plus isn’t listed on the Google Play Store are; that it’s not an official WhatsApp app designed by Facebook and its additional restricted features.

WhatsApp is a branded instant messaging protocol, and it’s owned by a unicorn company, Facebook, and it’s hard for Google Play Store to keep its modified version in the library.

Moreover, it contains some features such as Auto Reply, Blue Ticks hiding, Message scheduling, and thousands of superb themes, which aren’t available inside the official app. That’s why you can’t see WhatsApp Plus ever listed on the official Google Play Store.

Does WhatsApp Plus include Bugs and Viruses?

Nope, not at all! WhatsApp Plus is the coolest modified version, and yes, it includes all your desired features, but it doesn’t mean that never asking for money from you is a scam, eh? WhatsApp Plus is 100% free from bugs and viruses, and it technically includes no bloatware to navigate its traffic somewhere else and grab their data.

It’s a pure modification, employed by more than millions of chatter enthusiasts, and they all provided the most positive feedback about using WhatsApp Plus.

Moreover, it also doesn’t include any such script compatible with the rooted smartphones, so you can download and install it to any of your Android devices, even if it’s rooted or not!

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